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Keep Your Computer Clean

Keep Your Computer Clean

First draft!

every windows computer gets cluttered over time from installing programs, updating software band browsing the web. There are multiple cleaners out there to help, some free, which you should know, nothing is truly free. The free ones typically track you in some way or other, or show you adS. Anyway the only one I trust right now is ccleaner, and i only use version 230.

I will tell you two places that you can clean manually, that will help, because, adware from the Internet as well as some malware reside here. These temporary folders are rarely cleaned out and can grow to gigabytes in size. First is %temp%. If you type that into the rub box in XP, or the search box in Vista or Windows 7 it will bring up the users temp folder, in which you can delete every file in the folder. Hold down the CTRL and then press the a key will highlight all the files, then just press the del key. Not all files may be deleted, and that is ok, the operating system may still be using these.

the other folder is %windir%\temp. You can feel free to delete all these as well. CTRL+A will highlight these and then you can delete them, again all may net get deleted because the OS may still be using them.

That’s it for this installment! It’s late, and I am going to sleep!


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