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Computer Networking, Design and Installation Services for Home or Business

Affordable Computer Networking

Regardless of whether you work from home or have multiple locations, if you need computer networking, look no further than TechResource. We will design and build you a network that is smart, organized, and efficient for all of your business needs. We’re experts in all aspects of networking; including wireless systems, firewalls, managed switches, and even camera systems.

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Network Planning, Design & Installation

With our 25 years of combined experience with a wide array of systems, we have the skills and expertise to design you a network that will meet your needs now, and scale with your company as you grow. Call now for a free consultation!

Need to upgrade to make your network faster? No problem! Just give us a call.

Data Protection

Missing data? Can’t find those vacation pictures or CAD drawings? We can help! We have specialized software to help recover all of your lost data! We’re trusted partners with Gilware, who can even recover data from dead hard drives or raid arrays!

We can also help recover your lost passwords from Excel, email, QuickBooks, websites, personnel files, and more. We partner with StorageCraft and Quest software for superior data recovery, protection, and backups.

Network Repair & Troubleshooting

Is your network sluggish? We know that time is money, so let us troubleshoot the cause of your poor network performance. We check for outdated network hardware and software, weak network connections, firewall issues, and more.

TechResource will get your business up and running quickly! If your network goes down, rest assured knowing that we have one of the best response times in the area and are ready to help you in times of crisis.

Network Stability & Upgrades

Technology today evolves at an incredible pace. To keep your network stable, it’s often necessary to upgrade your hardware or software to maintain optimum security and performance. We’ll advise you on the best products for your needs and budget.

Internet Security

Don’t get hacked! It can ruin your reputation, halt your sales, and cost you an enormous amount of money! We can help you protect your sensitive data so that no one can break into your network and steal private information for devious purposes. We can handle it all, from anti-virus and intrusion prevention to setup up and maintenance of firewalls.

Wireless Internet Setup

Wi-Fi is an essential part of your business. Your staff, and maybe even your customers, rely on it to keep your company operating smoothly. We can design and install a customized wireless network, and provide the best security and optimal speed for your number of users you predicted range.

The world of Wi-Fi is always changing, and we enjoy utilizing today’s new wireless access points. We particularly like working with larger areas that need multiple access points that we mesh together to act like one. You can put one in the shop and one in the office and then stream music or a video from a laptop, phone or tablet. It’s a fantastic solution because you can work inside a huge building or a multi-floor office, and do the same thing anywhere on the premises without losing a connection.

Imaging Having Multiple Locations

With our expertise, you can keep adding access points, and manage them all through one simple interface! You can control bandwidth, block users or devices, and create multiple wireless networks with the same device. Give us a call to ask about wireless installations and all of your options!

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